Frequently Asked Questions

In this page you find answers on the most frequently asked questions about our mobile proxies.

A public mobile proxy is utilized by multiple users at the same time (in our case public proxy is simultaneously used by up to 5 users). Why do we need public proxies? If you need a good proxy which has multiple features like in mobile proxy, but don’t plan to use proxy to its full potential, the public proxy will fit your needs. Or if you simply need a very small load and you are ready to share proxy with other users, public proxy will suit your demands. Also, if you are willing to keep your mobile activities anonymous, private and secure, you can use public mobile proxy for diverse purposes.

A private proxy is a type of proxy that lets only one client use it at any time. It is a dedicated IP that is being exclusively assigned to only one user this user is you. It's not shared with anyone else. Private proxy won’t slow down your browsing like public proxy that simultaneously used by multiple users. Public (shared) proxies are mostly used by people who simply want to browse the web anonymously and bypass web filters or they may also use them to downloading music, films and video games from an amazing torrent site. In this case download speed of 50 Mbps will be shared equally by all users depending on client load.
The private proxy is suit the user who is willing to take full advantage of its speed and to have all the bandwidth to himself.

Mobile proxies are services used on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. They utilize IP addresses assigned dynamically to mobile devices by internet service providers. The target servers can’t block these IP-addresses even if they receive enormous load requests from them.

To buy our proxies contact us via telegram ( We respond to a request immediately!

Yes, you definitely can. We provide our proxies to anyone wishing to test them. We offer you a test proxy with 2-hours validity so that you can check whether our services suit your needs. If you want to test our proxies, send us a request with a mark “want proxy for test”.

We accept YooMoney/Bitcoin/Visa/MasterCard.

Yes, we do offer discounts to wholesalers. For wholesale buyers we offer:

On the purchase of over 10 proxies, you can save 5%;
On the purchase of over 100 proxies, you can save 10%;
On the purchase of over 1,000 proxies, you can save 15%.

At this time only RU proxies (Saint-Petersburg) are available.
You can leave your request and we create for you required GEO within 48 hours.

All our proxies are unlimited. All tariffs have limitless traffic.

Do you have any other questions?

Contact our technical support specialists and they will answer on all your questions!